The History of Drywall texture sprayer

In a nutshell, Graco Airless Texture Sprayers are developed to use heavy, high viscosity products. Normal Airless Paint Sprayers do terrific with medium to low viscosity products, but are not as good with the higher viscosity products, where every PSI counts. An Airless Texture Sprayer can do both! This is due to the fact that almost every part that touches the liquid being sprayed is large when compared to a specification-equivalent Airless Paint Sprayer. From the pump, all the way to the gun, parts are created with big openings developed to lessen backpressure and make the most of flow. This would resemble putting a big size exhaust system on your automobile to make the most of horsepower.
When comparing Paint and Texture sprayers, the first thing that visually stands apart is the area of the pump foot-valve (figure a). The pump foot valve is the opening at the bottom of the pump where the material goes into, and where the check ball system is situated. There are basically two various styles of airless pumps, paint pumps and texture pumps. On a paint pump, this foot valve rises from the ground and makes use of a siphon tube. Think about the siphon as a straw, from which the pump utilizes to suck the material from a pail. On the other hand, a texture pump has a longer pump body, no siphon tube, and the foot valve lies near the ground. This eliminates the requirement to draw through a "straw". This becomes very crucial when attempting to suck heavy materials into the pump. Believe how difficult it is to suck a thick milk shake through a straw, and you start to understand of what a paint pump would be confronted with. A texture pump would be equivalent to putting your face right into the milk shake: no straw needed. Not excellent table good manners, but definitely reliable! Aside from the noticeable pump differences, there are also Article source internal pump distinctions, while not apparent, play a crucial role in excellent pump efficiency with high viscosity materials. The majority of these distinctions remain in the foot valve design. Without getting too technical, let's just state that these elements have been fastidiously enhanced to most efficiently pump high and low viscosity products. At, we call this Innovation.
MaxFlo is a technology unique to Graco, and it is basic on all of our Airless Texture Sprayers. To put MaxFlo into real-world point of view, when comparing pump inlet flow information (with high viscosity product) in between a texture pump and a paint pump, MaxFlo provides 4X more material to the pump than a specification-similar paint pump. This is critical to getting the needed performance for heavy-bodied material. If you can't fill the pump, you can't effectively spray the material, so the video game is currently over. matter what you are spraying, hose pipe choice is constantly crucial. Whether you are talking tube diameter, hose pipe length, pressure score, or other variables, it is vital to correct performance of the spray system to have actually the properly sized tube for the task. Generally speaking, bigger is always better! The bigger the pipe indicates less backpressure, which in turn implies more pressure readily available at the weapon. Knowing this, texture sprayers come equipped with larger diameter hose than an equivalent paint sprayer. This results in 2X the flow area to move material, less pressure drop, and more offered pressure at the gun. When again, maximizing circulation is crucial.
Pump and hose design is not the only thing that goes into creating maximized circulation. The design of the weapon is vital to peak performance. Why optimize flow through all the other components, just to have it choked down at the gun? This is why all Graco texture sprayers have special weapons developed and optimized for optimum flow. This consists of eliminating obstacles such as filters and oversizing passages to increase flow and lower material pack-out. To put it in perspective, texture weapons have up to 5.5 X larger internal passages than paint guns. This is another method Graco increases flow and reduces backpressure. Taking a look at traditional paint weapons, they generally have very little diameter passages and utilize filters. This is due to smaller sized pointer orifice sizes used with paint, which can obstruct without filtering. While this is a terrific setup for lower viscosity materials, it is not perfect for heavier bodied products with high viscosity. Thankfully, both paint and texture weapons are able to make use of the exact same spray tips. All Graco Airless Texture Sprayers come geared up with RAC X SwitchTips, which are designed to have the longest enduring fan pattern in the market. They also have the best variety of pointer sizes, including WideRAC, which can spray up to a 24 inch spray fan.

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